Greek Students' Association of the University of toronto

The official group of Hellenic students at U of T

Vice-President Public Relations

Billy Kolopanis



Year: 3
Program: Double major in public policy(Co-op) and sociology
Favourite place in Greece: Kalamata
Favourite Greek food: Tiropita
Favourite Greek song: pivw apo ki psila gia sena – Pantelis Pantelidis

About Billy (Vasilios):
Currently in my third year at the university of Toronto Scarbourgh campus. I am pursing a double
major in public policy (co-op) and sociology. I hope to pursue a career in either the government
sector as a government worker, lawyer or politician or, in the social sector as a social worker helping
out those who need a voice to represent them within society. I have been a member of the Greek
students association for two years in total (this year being the second time in the organization). In
my spare time i enjoy reading for pleasure as i find by reading not only do i expend on my vocabulary
but also i feel at true peace and tranquility. Also in my spare time, I volunteer at the retirement
home across the street from my home and help out the elderly to partake in their daily activities. I
hope to try and participate more often in events hosted by the Greek students association should
the time and date be available for me to be a part of said events.

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