Vice-President External

Yianna Sophocleous IMG_8989

Year: 2
Program: Double Major in Political Science & History

Favourite place in Greece: I have never actually been to Greece; I have only gone to Cyprus. Some of my favourite places that can be found on this little island off the coast of Greece are Limassol, Agia Napa, Protara, and Paphos
Favourite Greek food: My yiayia Erietas Gemista
Favourite Greek song: “Tha Gireisi O Troxos” by Giorgos Tsalikis

About Yianna:

Yianna is currently going into her second year of study in Politics and History at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus. After finishing her four years at the University of Toronto, Yianna hopes to continue her studies and pursue a degree in law, in hopes of becoming a successful lawyer here in Canada or abroad. Yianna enjoys traveling to places with tropical climates with her family, and working. As well as attending social gatherings with her friends during her spare time. Yianna has wanted to be apart of the GSA upon hearing of it during her final year of high school through family members and friends. During her first year at UTSC she was offered an executive position in the council. By being part of this council at UTSC, Yianna feels that it will open up doors to new relationships with people that come from the same culture, whom share the same interests and values as she.

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