Director of Athletics

Georgios Papangelakis

42838578_2219483358270603_676701414931562496_nYear: 3
Program: Engineering Science

Favourite Place in Greece: Nea Smirni
Favourite Greek Food: Arni Kokinisto
Favourite Greek song: I palies agapes pane sto paradiso – Pix Lax

About Georgios:

Hey! My name is Georgios Papangelakis, 3rd year engineering science student. I love playing sports as well as music (if only I could play bouzouki). My favorite place in Greece is Nea Smirni, as my family is from there and they have the best sports teams. I absolutely love arni kokinistoand my favorite Greek jam is I palies Agapes pane sto Paradisio by Pix Lax!

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