Greek Students' Association of the University of toronto

the official group of Hellenic students at U of T


The Executive Council for 2019-2020

The executive council acts as the primary steward of the organization, with the president as its official spokesperson. This committee is collectively responsible for the day-to-day decision making of the organization.

President: John Koussiouris
Vice-President External: Dean Kanargelidis
Vice-President Public Relations: Petros Skotidakis
Vice-President Internal: Leah Bekiaris
Vice-President Student Life: George Papangelakis
Secretary General: Thomas Psarianos
Treasurer: Anastasia Seretis

The Board of Directors for 2019-2020

The board of directors is responsible for assisting the Executive Committee in running the day to day activities of the association. They act as either directors or representatives.

Director of Athletics: Demetre Kanargelidis 
Director of Communications: Anessa Koussiouris
Director of Cultural Affairs: Sophia Orfanakos
Director of Social Affairs: Stacey Speranza
First Year Representative: Sofia Kleidona
First Year Representative: Georgia Stathopoulos

Council Structure

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