Greek Students' Association of the University of toronto

the official group of Hellenic students at U of T

Director of Cultural Affairs

Ariadne Papadopoulos

Year: 1
Program: Classics and Greek

Favourite Greek Food: Yiayia’s Prasopita
Favourite Greek dance: Serra

About Ariadne:

Ariadne is in her first year at UofT, majoring in Classics and Greek Studies. After she finishes her undergrad, she will work on establishing a life in Greece. She aspires to one day manage the Acropolis Museum in Athens. She also likes playing sports like rugby and basketball and loves music! Ariadne believes that it is very important for Greek-Canadians to remember their roots, culture and form a sense of community with each other. Ariadne went to greek school all throughout elementary, high school and lived in Greece. She is very excited to be the Director of Cultural Affairs, and hopes to help Greeks at UofT stay connected with their patrida and culture!!

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