Greek Students' Association of the University of toronto

the official group of Hellenic students at U of T

Director of Cultural Affairs

Sophia Orfanakos

Year: 3
Program: Life Science

Favourite place in Greece: Monemvasia
Favourite Greek food: Tyrokafteri
Favourite Greek song: : Στην Ελλάς του 2000 by Stelios Kazantzidis


About Sophia:

Sophia is a third year Life Science student at the University of Toronto, majoring in Health and Disease, and double minoring in Physiology and Immunology. Her career goal is to go to Medical school and become a doctor. Sophia is half Polish and half Greek and is extremely proud of her heritage.  She has been part of the PSA and is extremely grateful to serve the GSA as the Director of Cultural Affairs. Sophia’s grandparents immigrated to Canada from Greece in the 50s and opened two restaurants and a nightclub in Toronto. She is looking forward to reconnecting with the Greek community in Toronto and is excited to participate in Greek Culture at UofT.

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