Greek Students' Association of the University of toronto

the official group of Hellenic students at U of T

First Year Representative

Sofia Kleidona

 Year: 1
Program: Life Sciences 

Favourite place in Greece: Kardamyli
Favourite Greek food: Gemista with feta
Favourite Greek song: An tha borousa ton kosmo na allaza by Filippos Pliatsikas


About Sofia: 

Sofia is currently in her first year at the University of Toronto, part of the Life Sciences program. She hopes to combine Psychology and Human Biology, or perhaps Neuroscience. Once she decides in which field to pursue her career, she hopes to obtain her MBA. Sofia was born in Kalamata and has lived there all her life, apart from the last two years of high school which she spent in Thessaloniki in order to follow the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program in plans to continue her post-secondary studies at UofT. Coming all the way from Greece to Toronto she was impatient to connect with the Greek Community to preserve a sense of home. Sofia is excited to serve the GSA as a First-Year Representative and strive to bring more and more students into our community to celebrate our Greek heritage, just like she was hoping to be a part of it. Sofia is grateful and excited to connect with the Greek community at UofT, to participate and help plan various events and show and celebrate our culture with more and more students, to build a home away from home. 

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