Angelica Dimoulias


Year: 4
Program: Bioethics and Political Science

Favourite place in Greece: anywhere in Korinthia
Favourite Greek Food: mousakas
Favourite Greek Song: Currently Marina Satti-Koupes

About Angelica: 

Angelica is currently in her fourth year at the University of Toronto specializing in Bioethics and minoring in Political Science. She joined the Greek Students’ Association (GSA) in her first year as the Director of Cultural Affairs, which helped her adjust to her new life in Toronto. She grew up in a small town in Greece but always aspired to study abroad. After she completes her degree from U of T she hopes to travel as much as she can and eventually go on to complete graduate degrees in Human Rights and Political Communication.

The GSA has played an integral role in Angelica’s university experience. For two consecutive years she held the position of Vice-President External, a position which helped her establish close ties to the Greek Community and grow as an individual. Angelica gained experience by working closely with the previous president, which enabled her to run for the position. During her time as president she wishes to create an internship program where members of the GSA will gain professional experience by working for well know Greek-Canadian businesses. Angelica’s goal for the following year, is for the GSA to remain one of the best and most active clubs within the University of Toronto.


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