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Hellenic Culture Centre in the framework of the European Project ‘GLOSSA’ offers  free courses of Greek as a foreign Language to adult learners  of advanced levels (C1 and C2 levels of Greek Language Attainment) with the method of distance learning (e-learning courses). The courses are offered in the pilot implementation of the on-line educational material produced for the ‘Glossa Project’.

The project “GLOSSA: Greek as a Vehicle for Promoting Linguistic Diversity” is developed by a partnership under the Action “Lifelong Learning, Transversal Program, Key Activity 2-Languages” for the period 2009-2012. The coordinator of the project is the Greek company Action Synergy S.A., and the partnership includes, apart from the Hellenic Culture Centre, which is the coordinator and scientific responsible institution for the development of didactic materials for C1 and C2 levels of Greek language, seven more organizations from seven European countries will cooperate.

The basic aim of the project is the development of on-line educational material for Greek as a foreign language in advanced levels (C1 and C2). At the current phase of the Project the production of the educational material is already completed and it will be piloted starting in November 2011, involving the teachers who participated in the Project and learners of Greek in an advanced level from all around the world. E-learning courses of Greek language of the other levels (A1, A2, B1, B2 ) shall be offered by Hellenıc Culture Centre in the forthcoming year.

Free on line courses offered from November 2011 until May 2012.

For those who wish to participate, visit the project’s web-site www.ellinikiglossa.eu for all relative information and the registration form.