On Thursday November 3rd 2011 the GSA accomplished a goal it has been trying to reach since the group was conceived: Roasting a Lamb on Campus. At 6:00am on the morning of November 3rd, Kosta Katsanevas (VP External), George Anastasakos (Treasurer), Dimitri Kyriakakis (President), and Christos Dodas (dedicated member) met at the steps of Sidney Smith patio on St. George Street and set up a charcoal spit determined to roast a lamb over the growing fire. And so it began. From 6:30am through 2pm the GSA slow roasted a 34lbs lamb over a charcoal-spit fire until safely edible. It was a sight to see! After a long application process, the GSA succeeded in acquiring fire safety, space, and food permits to accomplish this feat.  Once the go-ahead was given by our University, the GSA structured Fall Greek Day around the roasting of our baby lamb. We barbecued sausages and hot dogs until the lamb was ready to be sliced and served along with an assortment of many store-bought desserts.  We also sold our stylish GSA hoodies and t-shirts, recruited new GSA members, and had passer-bys sign our petition for a the revival of a modern Greek language course at U of T. Fall Greek Day was a huge success with over 1000 students coming out to see the lamb roast, hundreds of signatures for our petition, and 20 new members. Thank you for everyone that came out and witnessed history in the making as the GSA added another milestone to its long list of accomplishments.