As the 2011-2012 school year draws to a close, we may look back upon the successful events, programs, and trips that the Greek Student Association has organized in the preceding months. Drama and excitement remained at an all-time high on the athletics front, as numerous individual and team achievements paved the way for a year filled with surprises.

The GSA Basketball team, captained by powerhouse James Katsuras, have recently finished what was a successful and promising season, finishing in third after having played a strong game against U of T’s first-place Phys. Ed team. Despite a 6-point deficit, the GSA showed tremendous heart, and ended their season on a bright note.

GSA Soccer continues this week, as captain Chris Vassos marches the team on into the quarter finals. Determined, and seemingly unconquerable, the boys look to avenge their only loss of the season, as they take on the team that defeated them earlier in February.  The team is looking to repeat an open division championship run, just as they did last year. The team we are facing are called “Univeristy of Toronto Soccer Pros,” the same team we faced last year in the championship game. Only winning by one goal in golden-goal extra time, UTSP are a very challenging match-up. Though the result may be unsure as of yet, the boys know that more than pride is at stake. In every game, and in every victory, we play for the Greek Student Association.

“Hey. Soccer is nice. I like soccer. Basket ball is nice as well. I like it too. One question i got a lot while playing professionally for the GSA was, “Who is soccer.” The answer is simple. We are soccer GSA, we are soccer. For those of you wondering If I like chocolate, it’s true. I like chocolate.” – GSA Indoor Soccer Team Captain, Chris Vassos