The Greek Students’ Association at the University of Toronto would like to extend a public notice of gratitude towards the sponsors of the National Hellenic Students Association (NHSA) Spring Convention.  The NHSA Spring Convention was held from Friday April 27th through Sunday April 29th of this year at the University of Toronto St. George campus and Ryerson University. The Convention brought 150 Hellenic Students together in one place to exchange knowledge and link university students of Greek and Cypriot descent to stimulate Hellenism and enrich our culture on campuses in Canada and the USA. The convention had a total cost of $42,200. Raising $42,200 was no easy task, and the GSA commends everyone that was a part of making this convention possible.

The GSA would like to sincerely thank our Event SponsorThe Hellenic Heritage Foundation and our Premium SponsorThe BIA GreekTown for their extremely generous financial commitments. We would also like to thank all of our Platinum Sponsors:  Pan Arcadian Federation of Canada, Signature Productions, Pan Macedonian, Philoptochos Board of Canada, Society of Epirus, Chariman’s Brands; Gold Sponsors: Mr. Ted Manziaris & Mr. Louis Agnostasakos, Achaen Society of Toronto, MGM Mechanical Ltd, Mazda of Toronto, Hellas News; Silver Sponsors: The Local Company, PASOK Toronto, Athenians of Toronto, Mr. John Berdoussis & Mr. George Vasilopoulos, Ms. Irene Keroglidis; Bronze Sponsors: Ms. Hara Androutsou, Ouzeri Restaurant, Christina’s Restaurant, Pan Restaurant, Gravity Wireless, Mr. Ken Lioutas, Mr. Paul Nitsotolis for their generous financial support.

Unfortunately, the GSA was revoked one of it’s Silver Sponsorships from Trapezzi Kafe&Bar located at 505 Danforth Ave. A verbal agreement was made between the ownership of Trapezzi and the Greek Students’ Association confirming a $500 (Silver) Sponsorship level.  The agreement included Incorporating Trapezzi Kafe&Bar into the NHSA Convention weekend schedule as the dedicated “Greek Night” on Saturday April 28th and advising all attendees of this information through our itinerary and schedule and to promote/advertise Trapezzi as a Silver Sponsor on our website and Convention booklet. After the Convention, the ownership of Trapezzi Kafe&Bar expressed to the GSA that they would not be fulfilling the promised funding of $500. This has stifled our Association and has limited reimbursements for students that attended from the United States. It is unfortunate that a local Greek business assured student organizations a sponsorship for a non-profit event and has thus taken it back, even after promoting and bringing them business.

Nevertheless, we are grateful for everyone that supported us morally and financially. We will continue to work hard to promote Hellenism throughout youth across North America and to bring the Modern Greek Course back to the University of Toronto. We sincerely thank everyone that helped us bring the NHSA Convention to Toronto.

U of T Greek Students’ Association Executive Council