On Friday June 8th, the Greek Students’ Association at St. George and Scarborough Campuses alongside the Hellenic Students’ Association at York and Ryerson hosted the 3rd annual End of Year Banquet. Executives, directors, members, alumni, and friends of Σύλλογος Ελλήνων Φοιτητών in Toronto gathered in Spirale Banquet Hall to take part in the first time ever open bar evening. The ticket cost $50 and guests were welcomed by an unlimited bar throughout the night along with a three course dinner. A group led by York’s President from Project Dimitri was also there selling raffle tickets where all proceeds go towards Dimitri Sissakis, a young Toronto cancer patient. The raffle included a grand prize ticket to the Dominican Republic with S-Trip. Project Dimitri thanks everyone who attended for helping raise $875 along with a $250 donation from Spirale Banquet Hall to raise a total of $1150 on the night!

The Formal also included an award presentation by each school’s student association. The GSA at St. George campus was proud to present the following award winners:

  • Executive of the Year: Stacey Konidis
  • Director of the Year: Nikki Yorgiadis
  • Associate of the Year: Vasileios Tsianos
  • Member of the Year: Kelsey Onley-Wall
  • Most Events Attended: James Katuras
  • Most Involved First Year: Dora Konomi
  • GSA President’s Award for exceptional support and guidance to the GSA: Consul General of Greece in Toronto, the Honourable Dimitris Azemopoulos
  • Dimitris Azemopoulos Award for exceptional commitment to SEF Toronto: Kelly Kefalianos

The GSA also honoured our graduating members of the 2011/2012 school year. These individuals have been GSA members for multiple years of their University careers and some even executives. Congratulations to all of you and good luck in your future endeavors:

  • Christos Dodas, Hon. B.A.
  • James Katsuras, Hon. B.A.
  • Kelsey Onley-Wall, Hon. B.A.
  • Alyssa Teloniatis, Hon. B.A.

The GSA would like to give a special thank you to our 3 DJs (Piro Dhimitri, George Samaras, Andreas Kyprianou), our Master of Ceremonies (Christos Dodas), our event photographer (Vassiliki Tsiantis), Spirale Banquet Hall, the Hon. Dimitris Azemopoulos, George Gretes, and all of you for attending our final event of the year. See you next year!