Time for another EPIC Halloween!
We’re at it again with our Biggest & Greatest HAVOC party yet!

What’s in Store:
–>CROWN Lounge – A much larger venue than usual, located in the heart of King Street.

–>BOOTH Specials – We’ve negotiated some amazing prices so that getting bottle service doesn’t mean you need to sell your kidney. (Details on specials bellow)
–>PRE-DRINKERS!! this one’s for you!
We’re having a Pre-drink party right at the CLUB!!
So come thirsty at 10pm and join us for a $4 Domestic Beers.
Pre-drink ends at 11PM but hey, you’re already at the club!IMPORTANT:
EARLY BIRD TICKETS will be on sale for $10,
Unfortunately at that price we can’t afford to sell too many
So stop running on “Greek Time” and get the worm for once!
Admission otherwise will be $20 at the door.Our Booth Special:
HAVOC PACKAGE: $350 (tax/tip included in the price)
We think it’s so awesome we named it after the party!
For $350 you get:
– 2 Bottles of Grey Goose Vodka ($440 Value)
– 5 Complimentary Tickets ($50 Value)
– Appetizers (Sliders, Cold-cuts, Olives, Cheese, Veggies)
– Direct line-by pass

To purchase tickets or book a booth, please come by our Office during scheduled office hours or email us at gsa.stgeorge@utoronto.ca