On December 22nd 2012, the York University Hellenic Students’ Association held the first ever SEF Soccer Tournament. Located at the Metro Golf Dome in Scarborough, they were able to assemble ten teams who would compete in a cash tournament for a grand prize of $1000 awarded to the championship victor. Each team battled throughout the four game group stage for a shot at the knockout round. After five hours of intense matchups, blowouts and heartbreak, two teams would meet in the final round. Lizard FC, a group of handsome young Greek gentlemen captained by the Prophet himself, Toronto native and fellow UofT student Yianni Michelis would duke it out against Olympiakos FC. As exciting a match as it was, Olympiakos, a talented group of middle-aged Serbians would take home the cash prize after scoring a late goal in the second half.

“Considering it was our first annual tournament we had an amazing turnout, even having to turn down multiple teams because we were over capacity,” a comment from HSA President Nicolitza Xinos, who seemed very content with the outcome. The HSA were also able to rack up generous contributions from more than ten sponsors, making the tournament an even bigger success. The HSA are currently preparing for their next SEF Soccer Tournament, to be held sometime in the spring after strong positive feedback from the players and organizers. After being interviewed on his general thoughts, Lizard FC player Christopher Vassos stated “’twas great”. In conclusion, the tournament turned out to be nothing short of spectacular in terms of competition, turnout, and fundraising, benefitting all those who participated.