After the official start of our annual Greek Week on Monday, March 24th, 2014, the debate between the candidates running for positions on our executive board took place at the GSA office. Potential voters were able to interactive with and get to know the respectable candidates, and engage in question and answer sessions.

Current VP of External Affairs, Anastasios Exacoustos engaged with candidate Michael Kanopoulos, in a thorough debate over the treasurer position.

Our current Director of Athletics Stavroula Michalopoulos, is running for VP of Internal Affairs against Ellie Minchopoulos. Both candidates were able to present very engaging ideas for the upcoming year.

Lastly, our current VP of Public Relations Dora Konomi, and VP of Student Life Vikki Bekiaris, went head to head for presidency of the GSA. Dora announced her intentions to look into a scholarship program headed by the GSA and Vikki, a mentorship program to provide more support for our members.

Various topics and issue areas were addressed, which will certainly make for a great year to come with the GSA in 2014-2015. We would like to thank everyone for coming out, as well as our mediators Dimitri Kyriakakis & Nicole Gretes! Good luck to those campaigning.