St. George Campus

2016/2017 Council

President: Angelica Dimoulias
Vice-President External: Georgina Hadjiyianni
Vice-President Public Relations:  Dimitra Simtikidis
Vice-President Internal: Theoni Kapetaneas
Vice-President Student Life: Joanna Michalopoulos
Secretary General: Voula Giannoulis
Treasurer: Thanasi Kipouros

Director of Social Affairs: Christina Kiriakoulias
Director of Cultural Affairs: Tomee Tzatzanis
Director of Athletics and Recreation: Dimitri Petropoulos
Director of Communications: Danielle Chatzifilalithis
First Year Representative: Anastasia Seretis

2015/2016 Council

President: Vikki Bekiaris
Vice-President External: Angelica Dimoulias
Vice-President Public Relations: Anastasia Grigoriou
Vice-President Internal: Ellie Minchopoulos
Vice-President Student Life: Vasili Katsuras
Treasurer: Angelo Laskaris
Secretary-General: Danielle Tavarnese

Director of Social Affairs: Theoni Kapetaneas
Director of Athletics & Recreation: Sotiris Katsuras 
Director of Cultural Affairs: Georgina Hadjiyianni
Director of Communications: Dimitra Simtikidis
First Year Representative:  Voula Giannoulis


2014 / 2015 Council

President: Vikki Bekiaris
Vice-President External: Angelica Dimoulias
Vice-President Public Relations: Anastasia Grigoriou
Vice-President Internal: Ellie Minchopoulos
Vice-President Student Life: Vasili Katsuras
Treasurer: Anastasios Exacoustos
Secretary-General: Danielle Tavernese

Director of Social Affairs: Maria Alexiou
Director of Athletics & Recreation: Eleni Lampropoulos
Director of Cultural Affairs: Stavroula Michalopoulos
Director of Communications: Angelo Laskaris
First Year Representative: Anastasia Logotheti


 2013 / 2014 Council

President: Kostas Katsanevas
Vice-President External: Anastasios Exacoustos
VP-Public Relations: Dora Konomi
Vice-President Internal: Nikki Yorgiadis
VP-Student Life: Vikki Bekiaris
Treasurer: George Anastasakos
Secretary General: Danielle Tavarnese

Director of Social Affairs: Anastasia Grigoriou
Director of Athletics & Recreation: Stavroula Michalopoulos
Director of Cultural Affairs: Angelica Dimoulias
Director of Communications: Lydia Caradonna
First Year Representative: Katarina Stamadianos


 2012 / 2013 Council

President: Dimitri Kyriakakis
Vice-President External: Vasileios Tsianos
Vice-President Internal: Nikki Yorgiadis
Treasurer: George Anastasakos
Secretary General: Nicole Gretes

Director of Social Affairs: Michael Kanopoulos
Director of Athletics & Recreation: Vikki Bekiaris
Director of Cultural Affairs: Elias Baramilis
Director of Communications: Jad Kawwa
First Year Representative: Danielle Tavernese


Past Committees


President: Dimitri Kyriakakis
Vice-President External: Kosta Katsanevas
Vice-President Internal: Stacey Konidis
Treasurer: George Anastasakos
Secretary General: Nicole Gretes


President: George Gretes
Vice-President: Elena Moliostias
Vice President: Eleni Mastoras
Treasurer: Dimitri Kyriakakis
Secretary General: Christos Dodas

Social Director: Stacey Konidis
Cultural Director: Nikos Liakas
Athletics Director: George Anastasakos
Communications Director: Nicole Gretes
First Year Representative: Michael Kanopoulos
Associates: Chris Sivry, Kosta Katsanevas and Nikki Yorgiadis


President: George Gretes
Vice-President: Pavlos Tsermentselis
Vice President:  Irene Kritikopoulos
Treasurer: Dimitri Kyriakakis
Secretary General: Eleni Mastoras

Social Director: Elena Moliostias
Cultural Director: Nikos Liakas

2008 – 2009

President: Maria- Christina Spingos
Vice-President: George Gretes
Vice President: Alyssa Telon
Treasurer: Dimitri Gadakis
Secretary General: Dimitri Kyriakakis
Social Director: Maria Orphinidies
Cultural Director: Peter Tzvidis


President: Terry Lampropoulos
Vice-President: Eric Kiriakidis
Vice-President: Maria-Chiristina
Treasurer: Dimitri Gadakis
Secretary General: George Gretes
Social Director: Irene Kritikopoulos
Cultural Director: Nikolaos Anesiadis

2006 – 2007

President: Chris Grafos
Vice-President: Terry Lambropoulos
Vice-President: Michelle Fotinakopoulos
Treasurer: Jonathan Dickins
Secretary: Angelo Spingos
Internal Affairs: Maria-Christina Spingos
External Affairs: Ted Panagiotoulas

2005 – 2006

President: Yiannis Iordanous
Vice President: Chris Grafos
Vice President: Terry Lampropoulos
Treasurer: Elena Kareclas
Secretary General: Angelo Spingos
Director of Social Affairs: Eliza Hatziarapoglou
Director of Social Affairs: Michelle Fotinakopoulos
Director of Cultural Affairs: Krista Tambakis

2004 – 2005

President: Nick Miliotis
Vice President: Angelo Spingos
Vice President: Yiannis Iordanous
Treasurer: Yiota Founta
Secretary General: Terry Lampropoulos
Director of Social Affairs: Sophie Fotinakopoulos
Director of Cultural Affairs: Paul Karvanis

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