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greek class posterSTUDY MODERN GREEK AT THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO WITH THE GSA! The Modern Greek program is entering its second year at U of T, and we are proud to announce that courses will be offered this year in BEGINNER and ADVANCED streams! Make sure to register once course enrolment opens up!

MGR100H1    Introductory Modern Greek 

This course is designed for absolute beginners in the Modern Greek language. The overall goal is to facilitate understanding and use of familiar everyday expressions and phrases aimed at the satisfaction of basic communicative needs. Students will familiarize themselves with the Modern Greek alphabet, pronunciation and grammatical rules. No previous knowledge of Modern Greek required.

MGR101H1    Elementary Modern Greek 

This course builds on MGR100H1 and aims to develop competence in the Modern Greek language at the basic level. Students will attain elementary proficiency in the spoken and written language by familiarizing themselves with a variety of grammatical and syntax structures while continuing to enrich their vocabulary. Emphasis will be placed on reading and conversational skills while students are expected to write short descriptive paragraphs.

MGR300H1    Advanced Modern Greek I

This course builds on the Intermediate level background knowledge to prepare students as independent users of the Modern Greek language. In order to attain conversational fluency and communicate effectively and accurately with native Greek language speakers, students will practice on reading and interpreting magazine and newspaper articles on various topics as well as  applying more complex grammatical and syntax rules to write essays on assigned subjects.
MGR301H1    Advanced Modern Greek II 

The aim of this course is to facilitate fluency both in spoken and written Modern Greek.  Proficiency at this level will be attained through familiarization with various texts and genres including a Modern Greek literature anthology and selected academic articles. Emphasis will be placed on writing which will lead to the production of a short research paper in Modern Greek.

Signature Productions Presents: MIHALIS HATZIGIANNIS Up Close & Personal


Signature Productions in association with OPA Productions presents MIHALIS HATZIGIANNIS Up Close & Personal

LIVE at The Forth on April 2 & 3, 2015!  Join us for an intimate night in an intimate setting!

ATTENTION XATZIGIANNI FANS: If you are interested in purchasing tickets please contact us! Signature Productions’ generosity will be supporting your GSA at UofT and HSAs of Ryerson and UOIT. With every ticket that you purchase through your councils, a portion will be given back to help fund the events that we love to plan for you. PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS NOW!!

March as TDSB’S Greek Heritage Month

This month is officially Greek Heritage Month for the Toronto District School Board (TDSB)! This is the first year that our 11043082_10155226488355431_3258967807265117701_nculture has been emulated with an entire month of celebration by the TDSB. What an amazing way to highlight Greek heritage and instill powerful messages in our youth. Be sure to check out this great event that will be held at the end of this month:

Join the celebration at the Greek Heritage Month Festival on Saturday, March 28th at East York C.I. from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Thanos Petrelis- December 26


NBA Greek Heritage Night

greek heritage night

Book Launch – Sophrosyne

Join Hellenic-Canadian author, Marianne Apostolides at the launch of her fifth book, Sophrosyne!unnamed

Date: Sunday, October 5 
Place: Gallery 345, on Sorauren, south of Dundas St. West in Roncesvalles neighborhood 
Time: Doors at 6:30 pm. Music/dance performance at 7pm; reading to follow 

Entertainment will be as follows:

Juno-nominated musicians Jayne Brown, Sophia Grigoriadis and Maryem Tollar will perform their gorgeous mix of Middle Eastern music, playing alongside belly dancer/musician Roula Said;

The artwork of Noriko Maeda will add a Japanese flavour;

Publisher, BookThug, will be on-hand to sell the book.

There will also be hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar.

CINSSU’s Free Friday Films

The CINSSU at U of T is screening a Greek film, Attenberg, this Friday at 7 p.m. We hope to see our members represented at this event, as it is a unique opportunity to have Greek art showcased.

More information can be found at their Facebook page, CLICK HERE. 


Upcoming Events in the Community


Director Positions Available

Each year we take 5 Directors; the role of each director is very important as they assist the executive council. If you are interested in becoming an executive in the future, we highly recommend taking on a bigger role a member of the GSA this year. Each director is responsible for certain tasks.

Here is the list of director positions as well as a brief recap of their responsibilities. Note that there is more to these positions.

Director of Social Affairs

  • Responsible for assisting the Vice-President Internal and Vice-President Student Life in planning and promoting events.

Director of Athletics and Recreation

  • Responsible for maintaining all intramural sports teams within the association and responsible for involving the association’s athletes in University of Toronto sporting events

Director of Cultural Affairs

  • Responsible for promoting Hellenic culture to our members through events and is responsible for promoting Hellenic culture to the University of Toronto on behalf of the association.

Director of Communications

  • Responsible for assisting the Secretary-General with communicating with the members and assisting the Vice-President Public Relations in maintaining the associations social media outlets and the association’s general website.

First Year Representative

  • Responsible for involving the first years members of the association, promoting the association to first year students, and assisting the executives where needed.

Each year we have a high demand for Director positions. If you do not win, executive’s take on associates as well, who shadow their positions and help the GSA in a similar way that directors do. We are always happy to have more actively involved members.

Please send us your name and the position you wish to run for by Wednesday, September 17 at midnight. At our general meeting, you will be asked to stand up and say a few words as to why you think you are best for this position. Preparation ahead of time is not necessary, but recommended. Members will vote the director they feel is most suited for the position.

Good luck to all the candidates!