This is the fifth episode of the weekly radio show, the Hellenic Hour which is broadcasted on Fusion Radio by the Greek Students’ Association at the University of Toronto’s St. George and Scarborough campuses.

This week’s show covered:

Greek News:
– Prime Minister George Papandreou stressed on Friday that “We aren’t yet out of the tunnel…”
– Greek and Turkish Prime Ministers strike a pact to work more closely on tackling a relentless flow of illegal immigrants entering Greece from Turkey
– After the collapse of a multimillion-euro Qatari investment project in western Greece, visiting officials from the Arab state reassured the government that they were keen to invest some 5 billion dollars in other projects in Greece
– In a new wave of strike action, Athens metro workers, archaeologists and street kiosk owners walked off the job yesterday, seeking support from the cash-strapped government in various forms

GSA News:
Halloween Havoc @ Hyde- Friday October 29th
– Costume Prizes
– L1VE tunes from DJ Stoim
– $5 Drinks before 11:30
– Reduced booth and bottle service
– Early Bird are almost SOLD OUT!! Early bird tickets are only $10, $15 at the door

GSA at UTSC Halloween Haunt at Wonderland- Saturday October 30th
– Tickets are only $30.00 if you get them through us

OXI DAY Parade- Sunday October 31st
– Join the GSAs and HSAs of UofT, Ryerson, York, McMaster, and Guelph
– We will be meeting in front of the 7/11 on Danforth and Donlands at
12:30. In order to parade, make sure you wear you’ re SEF sweater
– After the parade we will be enjoying delicious Greek food at a local restaurant.

Greek History:
– Count Ioannis Antonios Kapodistrias was a Greek diplomat of the Russian Empire and later first head of state of independent Greece
– Region of the Week: Lesvos

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