Date: April 1st, 2nd and 3rd
Time: 7pm.
Location: 75 St. George st. (Morrison Hall Basement, LCR)
Cost: Free

My name is Alicia Aliki Kapudag, and I’m a Greek student at UC. I’m in the UC Drama program and wanted to inform you guys and invite you to come watch our Greek Tradegy- Iphigeneia (x2) by Euripides.  This is an important end of year recital for the drama program students, and we have put a lot of work behind the dramaturgy to make it as Greek influenced as possible. I will be performing a section in modern Greek, so this might be a wonderful opportunity for the students of the Greek association.

Synopsis: As their year-end recital, the DRM300 classes will be presenting ”Iphigeneia x 2″ – streamlined versions of Euripides’ two plays about Agamemnon’s ill-fated daughter. One is PRE-Trojan War, a tragedy in which the many opportunities to prevent the tragic outcome are consistently missed … and the other is POST-Trojan War, a tragi-comedy or romance similar in spirit to Shakespeare’s “The Winter’s Tale” or “The Tempest”, or to Euripides’ own “Helen” or ”Alcestis”.