The Greek Students’ Association Co-Ed Volleyball Team was one of the top teams to beat in this spring intramural season. Although using their feet more than their hands, the GSA was able to place second overall with 4 wins and 1 loss, continuing on to the semi-finals. Unfortunately, GSA’s great amount of skill was not good enough during the semi-final game, in which they were eliminated.

The GSA’s stacked team had both back court and front court lineups ready for any attacks that came their way. Chris Vassos, Michael Kanopoulos, Niko Katsieris and Dimitri Kyriakakis were in the back court and did an amazing job at not only retrieving the ball but demolishing their opponents with their hits and serves. In addition to having the best men’s lineup, the GSA also had a stacked women’s lineup playing in the front court. Klia Tsiolis, Vikki Bekiaris, Vicki Nikolakakos and Danielle Tavernese were some of the best female players in the league and were able to annihilate their opponents with their tricky plays and serves.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in this volleyball season and we hope to see the GSA bring home a championship title next year.

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