This spring intramural season, the Greek Students’ Association was able to participate in a Co-Ed Inner Tube Water Polo league. Inner Tube Water Polo is a variation of water polo requiring all players except for the goalie to float in inflatable tubes. Being a new team with very little experience, the GSA began with many losses under their belt, yet they did not give up. GSA’s natural competitive nature and eagerness to win allowed them to redeem themselves in the final games of the season. As emotions ran high throughout the season, the GSA was relentless and gradually became one of the fiercest teams in the pool.

The GSA’s very own Kostas Katsanevas and his explosive shots were able to lead the team to victory and great improvement later in the season. With the help of Michael Kanopoulos and his amazing goalkeeper skills the net was always kept clear and was never invaded. Dimitri Kyriakakis also played a vital role in delegating the team and challenging his opponents. Along with the aggressive male players came some very feisty female GSA players who did not cease at any opportunity to attack. With their constant willingness to attack, Nikki Yorgiadis, Vikki Bekiaris, Vicki Nikolakakos and Vicky Tsiantis were able to take on their opponents and help the GSA succeed.

Thank you to those who participated in the first GSA Co-Ed Innertube Water Polo team and we hope to see the GSA become victorious in the following years.

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