This year’s annual Montreal trip was one to remember. With over 200 students collectively between Ryerson, York and U of T, it was a huge success. From the moment everybody stepped foot on the bus in Toronto the party had begun, and it didn’t stop until the three days of eating, drinking and clubbing were over. The clubs visited this year included l’Amouche, Arena, and Montreal’s hottest nightclub, Muzique. The clubs were unbeatable filled with hundreds of raging Greeks and Montreal partygoers looking for a good time. There were many memorable moments which came out of the trip including a number of pranks, flip cup victories and drunken adventures to find poutine with the utmost determination. The Greek associations at each respective school did everything in their power to make sure this trip ran smoothly for their members and guests. Everything was executed as planned and everybody went home happy. In conclusion, the results of Montreal 2013 have left a ridiculous amount of anticipation and curiosity in regards to what the following years trip will include.

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