Next week is our second annual Greek Week. Join the GSA at all of our delicious festivities as we spread our Greek Culture all over the St. George Campus! Throughout Greek Week, GSA Members get all food/desserts for FREE and can also come out and vote for the GSA Executive Elections. Here’s the line-up:

Monday March 18th 10:30AM-4:30PM: Greek Day @ Sidney Smith Hall. Come get your Gyro or Souvlaki lunch Plates with rice, potatoes, and fresh salad! *GSA Election Voting

Tuesday March 19th 9:00AM-4:30PM: Lamb Day @ UTSU Lawn. Come see the GSA traditionally roast a lamb on a spit in front of the UTSU building. We will also be making fresh coffee and BBQing Souvlaki! *GSA Election Voting

Wednesday March 20th 8:30AM-4PM: Bake Sale & Festivities @ Medical Sciences Building Student Commons. The GSA will be hosting a traditional bake sale with all your favourite desserts. We will also be hosting Greek Cooking/Baking Class with Maro at 2PM and Traditional Greek Dance lessons at 12PM *GSA Election Voting

Thursday March 21st 8:30AM-4PM: Bake Sale @ Sidney Smith. *GSA Election Voting

Friday March 22nd 12-2PM: Election voting in the GSA Office. Results at 4:00PM

Saturday March 23rd Western Hellenic Students’ Association annual Soccer tournament @UWO

Sunday March 24th Greek Independence Day Parade @ The Danforth 12:30PM. Afterwards, we will all go for lunch at Astoria as a group with SEF Toronto

GreekWeek Poster