10959594_617727778359247_5485383955910469912_nWe’re back! Every year on the February long weekend the GSA of UofT, along with the HSAs of York and Ryerson collaborate to run the most awaited event of the year: SEF Invades Montreal. This year though, we also welcomed our friends and fellow Greeks from UOIT and Western, making it one of the best trips thus far. Four days never seems like enough time, however Montreal could not have handled this group of Greek students, after midterms, ready for reading week, for even one more hour! With a few bumps on the road the group finally arrived in Montreal with only one thing in mind: OPA! Day trips to the casino and Old Montreal, as well as nightly outings to the club district, and of course Mythos, the Romeo of Montreal, made for unforgettable bonding moments, museum worthy photographs and some memorable dance moves. The success of the trip would not have been possible without the innumerable hours of work put it by the amazing presidents of U of T GSA Vikki Bekiaris, York HSA Despoina Ritsakis, Ryerson HSA Fotis Karantonis and UOIT HSA Zoe Meditskos.

The memories will never fade and the anticipation for another year is already building up. Thank you to everyone who work so hard planning the trip, and to those who continuously show their support by coming out to the SEF events that make them so successful. Here’s to 2016!

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