Greek Week 2015

Get ready to be amazed at the amount of food we’re providing on campus next week for our annual Greek Week! greek week

Here is the schedule:

Monday: Bake Sale, Sid Smith 10am-3pm
Tuesday: Mesini’s, Bahen 10am-3pm
Tuesday: Debates,Hart House, South Dining Hall 7pm-10pm
Wednesday: Bake Sale, Sid Smith 10am-3pm
Thursday: LAMB ROAST, UTSU Lawn, 9am-3pm

Members eat FREE! We will have a list of all paid members. We will also have voting ballots each day at our tables. Members who paid our $5 dollar membership fee BEFORE Montreal 2015 eat free, and have the opportunity to vote for next years council.

Ballot counting will take place from 1-2 in our office on the Friday by returning officers. The new executive council will be announced at 3pm next week Friday.

We look forward to seeing you all next week!

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