Clubs Cup: Spring 2015

Below you will find the Schedule for the Clubs Cup Coed Indoor Soccer Tournament.
The Tournament is being hosted at the Varsity Dome on Saturday March 21, 2015 from 12:30pm to 5pm.
Rules & Schedule are attached to this message.

A few important points for everyone to be aware of are listed as follows:

· All Players must wear shin-pads.

· All Players must have a number on their uniform (pinnies can be signed out at the Varsity Pavilion Front Desk).

· Games are divided into two-twelve minute halves.

· All teams must have at least 2 female players on the field at all times.

· No Food or Drinks are allowed in the Dome, this includes sports drinks, tea, coffee, etc. (Only Water: there is a water fountain at the south end of the Dome).

·Teams should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the first scheduled game and all players are required to bring their T-Cards.

Pool A: Egyptian Student Association (ESA); Engineering Athletic Association (SKULE); UofT Soccer Association (UTSA); Italian Undergraduate Student Cultural Association (IUSCA)

Pool B: Croatian Student Association (CSA); Indian Student Society (ISS); Organization of Latin American Students (OLAS); Greek Students’ Association (GSA)

South Field/Middle Field/North Field:

12:30: ESA vs. SKULE/ UTSA  vs. IUSCA/CSA vs. ISS
1:30: CSA vs. OLAS/ISS vs. GSA/ESA vs. IUSCA
2:00: SKULE  vs. UTSA/CSA vs. GSA/ISS vs. OLAS
3:15: 1st A vs. 2nd B & 1st B vs. 2nd A
3:45: Finals

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