greek class posterSTUDY MODERN GREEK AT THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO WITH THE GSA! The Modern Greek program is entering its second year at U of T, and we are proud to announce that courses will be offered this year in BEGINNER and ADVANCED streams! Make sure to register once course enrolment opens up!

MGR100H1    Introductory Modern Greek 

This course is designed for absolute beginners in the Modern Greek language. The overall goal is to facilitate understanding and use of familiar everyday expressions and phrases aimed at the satisfaction of basic communicative needs. Students will familiarize themselves with the Modern Greek alphabet, pronunciation and grammatical rules. No previous knowledge of Modern Greek required.

MGR101H1    Elementary Modern Greek 

This course builds on MGR100H1 and aims to develop competence in the Modern Greek language at the basic level. Students will attain elementary proficiency in the spoken and written language by familiarizing themselves with a variety of grammatical and syntax structures while continuing to enrich their vocabulary. Emphasis will be placed on reading and conversational skills while students are expected to write short descriptive paragraphs.

MGR300H1    Advanced Modern Greek I

This course builds on the Intermediate level background knowledge to prepare students as independent users of the Modern Greek language. In order to attain conversational fluency and communicate effectively and accurately with native Greek language speakers, students will practice on reading and interpreting magazine and newspaper articles on various topics as well as  applying more complex grammatical and syntax rules to write essays on assigned subjects.
MGR301H1    Advanced Modern Greek II 

The aim of this course is to facilitate fluency both in spoken and written Modern Greek.  Proficiency at this level will be attained through familiarization with various texts and genres including a Modern Greek literature anthology and selected academic articles. Emphasis will be placed on writing which will lead to the production of a short research paper in Modern Greek.