Hey members, here are the nominees for your 2016 council.
Angelica Dimoulias
Vice-President External:
Georgina Hadjiyianni
Vice-President Internal:
Theoni Kapetaneas
Vice-President Student Life:
Christina Maria Kiriakoulias
Joanna Michalopoulos
Dimitri Athanasopoulos
Vice-President Public Relations:
Dimitra Simtikidis
Thanasi Kipouros
Paraskevas Christodoulopoulos
Secretary General:
Voula Giannoulis
All paid members will be allowed to vote and indulge in the delights of Greek week next Monday through Thursday. If you were not a paid member before February 13, you can still buy our delicious food. Should you choose to become a paid member now, you can eat for free and receive our 2015-2016 T-shirt, but you are NOT permitted to vote. A list of paid members will be at the disposal of our returning officers at each event during Greek Week.
Campaigning for positions starts now and ends next Sunday at 11:59pm. We wish each of our nominees all the best of luck!