On Saturday April 2nd, the GSA competed for the first time in UofT’s annual indoor soccer Clubs Cup. The team had a great showing, and despite all odds against them rallied to finish second place. The team got off to a rough start losing their first game 0-2 to UTICA and tying the Nigerians 0-0. With the luck of a coin flip the team was able to move on to the quarterfinals and pulled off a shocking 1-0 upset in a rematch with UTICA, sending the heavy favourites home early. In the semi-finals with no substitutes the GSA continued to defy the odds and defeated OLAS 2-1, making their way into the final round. Unfortunately, their run of good fortune ended when they played against the Egyptians in the finals. A tired squad put up a valiant effort but lost in a tight 3-2 battle. The GSA would like to thank everyone who came out and both supported and competed for the team. Hopefully next year we will be able to bring the trophy home!