Good evening members!MTL 2015

Please CLICK HERE to find a copy of the bus list & itinerary as found on our Facebook page.

Bus times and pick-up information:
-Bus times and pick-up locations are listed in the itinerary.
-Students have been split up across 4 buses. All lists are alphabetically listed by last name. The bus you are listed under will be the bus you will be taking to Montreal.
-If you are boarding on the UofT bus at Convocation Hall at the University of Toronto please note the following:

The bus leaving from Convocation Hall (Bus 2) will be leaving at 6:30AM SHARP. If you think you will miss this bus, please go directly to Kennedy Commons.

This bus (aka Bus 2) will also serve as a shuttle bus to Kennedy Commons. If you are a listed on a different bus, you will have to transfer once we arrive to Kennedy Commons. In other words, we strongly suggest if you are listed on Bus 1, 3 or 4, to board directly from Kennedy Commons.

The buses will be departing Kennedy Commons as follows:
•Bus 1 will be leaving Kennedy Commons at 7:00AM
•Bus 2 will be leaving Kennedy Commons at 7:30AM
•Bus 3 will be leaving Kennedy Commons at 7:45AM
•Bus 4 will be leaving Kennedy Commons at 8:00AM

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Vikki Bekiaris at 416-819-9600 or email us at