On Thursday February 5, 2015, The Greek Students’ Association collaborated with the Italian Canadian Association (UTICA) to create an unforgettable club night. The event was hosted at Tequila Jacks where members of both organizations came together to relieve the stress of school work, relax and enjoy a drink or two. We had over 120 kids come out! It was amazing to see everyone enjoy themselves before the midterms kicked into full gear.

There was dancing, singing, and schmoozing involved with two of the best looking clubs on campus. Greco-Roman night was a complete success and we look forward to even more collaborations in the future.

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported us as well as the executives and directors who made the night possible.

Check out UTICA on their Facebook page!

See you all in Montreal for our annual trip! Let’s make this reading week a memorable one!