The week of Monday March 16 through to Friday March 20th, wasn’t just an ordinary week at the University of Toronto. U of T’s Greek Students’ Association held their annual Greek week last week! It was jam packed with Greek food, traditions and events to spread the Greek culture and heritage throughout the campus.

Whoever came by Sidney Smith on Monday for the first day of Greek week, would’ve had a tough time choosing what desserts to have from our bake sale. We covered everything from cake, cookies and brownies, to loukoumades, kokakia and kourampiedes.

On the second day of Greek week, those passing by couldn’t get enough of the gyros we were able to give out thanks to the generosity of Messini’s. Bahen was crowded with people all trying to get a taste of a truly authentic Greek specialty.

Another bake sale took place in Sidney Smith on the Wednesday to showcase our scrumptious desserts.

On Thursday, the most memorable act of the week took place. An entire lamb was roasted on the UTSU lawn to showcase our most important and well known Easter tradition. Everyone got a taste of the lamb from Louis Meat Marker along with other Greek side dishes and desserts. The week was closed off with the voting of our new council on the Friday. It was amazing to see all the familiar faces of our members as well as all the new faces of our non-members coming out to indulge themselves in Greek culture. Greek Week will continue to be an annual tradition at the University of Toronto in hopes to spread our warm, welcoming and unique culture amongst the students and throughout the campus.

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