On Thursday, September 17th, the GSA held their annual General meeting and Pub night! GSA members attended the general meeting where new and already-existing members were able to learn more about the GSA, their events, and the executive council. The general meeting also held elections for Director positions. Any and all members were eligible to run and new Directors were chosesn through anonymous voting. Congratulations to our five new Directors: Dimitri Simtikidis, Voula Giannoulis, Theoni Kapetaneas, Sotiros Katsuras, and Georgina Hadjiyianni.

Following the general meeting, many members of the GSA attended our first Pub Night of the year at O’Grady’s! The GSA provided members with beer and finger-food; bonding and getting to know the new and former members (and even some Alumni) from the council. It was a great way to kick off the new school year!

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