On Friday September 25th, the GSA battled in UofT’s annual Clubs Cup and finished in first place, reclaiming what was lost the previous year! Their first game was at 9:30am where they battled the Croatians, but sadly lost 3-0. However, at 11:30 the GSA played the Korean’s and pulled out a 2-0 win! Finally, they swept out the Nigerians 2-0! Finishing first in the Pool B division, the GSA went on to play in the playoffs. Through amazing teamwork and a lot of support from GSA members on the sidelines they were able to beat OLAS 2-0 in the semi finals! Moving on to the finals the GSA fought hard and was able to bring home the cup with a 2-0 win against their rivals, the Croatians. Congratulations to our champions and thanks to everyone who came out! Let’s bring home the cup again next year!

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